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There are two rules to increasing your chance of succeeding in life: 1) Do more of what you like 2) Do less of what you don't like

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Summy - 2008-01-21
Chris, these are great points and answers point to the power of the this principle. I go through them all at How to use the rule of Thumb for Success

Chris Franklin - 2008-01-18
I like play. I don't like work. I don't like brushing my teeth. I like sugar.

Chris Franklin - 2008-01-18
In general, this is good advice, but some of the most necessary things in life are hard. I like eating french fries. I don't like exercise. I like dating whoever I want. I don't like being committed to just one at a time. I like play. I don't like

Summy - 2008-01-18
There's more details on this rule at