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If you are talking with an American whose legs are crossed and he wiggles his foot at what you say, he either disagrees with what you are saying, or he wants to add to it, or he wants to talk about something else.
The Blossoms, Fresno, California

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John A. Van Doren - 2009-04-01
What if he is listening to an American?

Mrs4444 - 2009-03-05
Mark is right; it just means he's bored.

Doug - 2009-01-16
Or he might need to pee.

eMSTMe - 2008-09-28
I agree, but the list goes on.

fixedgear - 2008-04-02
Or his foot fell asleep...

mary ann moorhouse - 2008-03-14
Maybe in Fresno California....

Catherine O'Doul - 2008-02-15
If the person moves about regardless of what's being said, discussed etc there's a high probability that they are hyperactive.

mark carter - 2008-01-30
the foot wiggle is surely a sign of conversational bordom. The bathroom may be his only option for relief

Stephen Dixon - 2008-01-15
Or he is over 55 and is thinking about taking a pee.