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When dueling with firearms, always aim lower than your opponent's vital area--to pierce the heart, aim at the knees.
Jim Barber, historian, Springfield, Missouri

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John A. Van Doren - 2008-11-09
I wonder what kind of historian you may be as well if the advice is like this...not a very good idea to be making rules of thumb Jim.

S L Young - 2008-03-04
Bad advice all around. If you really MUST shoot someone, it's silly to stand in front of that person, announce you're going to do it, and then give them a gun and the opportunity to kill you with it.

Duane Hallman - 2008-01-29
As a firearms instructor I would say that is the worst piece of advice you could give anyone going into a pistol duel.

Gene - 2008-01-27
Most people will shoot low if they are inexperienced in fireams due to jerking the trigger, and pulling the gun down. If you're going to engage in a pistol duel, perhaps you'd better learn to shoot first.