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Zigzag to outrun a crocodile.

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Dave Agresti - 2009-05-27
The crocodile zig-zag escape method was a topic on TV's Discover Channel show, Mythbusters, Jan 10, 2007. They used various methods to try to get both crocodiles & alligators to chase them using lures or openly provoking the animals. However, all of the crocodiles & alligators did not react, followed them slowly, or made a single lunge. Through further study, the Mythbusters concluded that because crocodiles & alligators rely on ambushing their prey, it is unlikely they would engage in a prolonged chase. Zig-zagging wasn't necessary or anymore helpful in escaping than a straight dash in the other direction. It's interesting to note that in the recent Will Farrill movie (its name escapes me) zig-zagged in his attempt to get away from a prehistoric dinoasour much in the manner said to work with crocs. Needless to say, Will didn't make it, but he survived as he is the star and they never die. So, I would like to submit this evidence to bust the rule of thumb #659 as to zig-zagging being the means to elude a crocodile. Dr. Dave Agresti

Roberto - 2008-08-14
And bullets